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Gifts And Packaging

Paper packaging is the largest sub-industry of the packaging industry. In 2016, the total output value of China's packaging industry exceeded 1.9 trillion yuan, and the main business income of packaging enterprises was 117 million yuan, accounting for 62% of the whole packaging industry.

Boutique packaging is widely used in high-end products such as high-end tobacco and alcohol, luxury goods, gift boxes, etc. High-quality packaging refers to the packaging products with good raw material quality, high technical cost and superposition of high-grade technology. The artistic sense of boutique packaging is strong, the design is exquisite, the style is rich, mostly used for high-end tobacco and wine, luxury goods, gift boxes, high-end products packaging. Under the background of consumption transformation and upgrading and industry competition intensification, high-end brand customers not only need to win by product quality, but also need to improve their competitiveness by virtue of boutique packaging. Therefore, they have high requirements on the differentiation degree of packaging, creating the demand for boutique packaging.