About Us
1. Customer first
Focusing on the customer's business and taking the customer's actual business needs as the guide, we provide customers with comprehensive information application solutions based on the customer's interests.

2. Respect for the individual
As a staff member of Dlican, regardless of the level of position and the division of labor, they will be treated with full respect and equality. The company gives employees the same opportunities, encourages employees to develop together with the company, and develops individual annual career development plans for employees in line with the company's development.

3.  Encourage innovation
System development is an intellectual business. The company provides a challenging career development space, encourages every employee to work creatively, and maximizes the maximum value of the individual to create the best work results.

4. Teamwork
In the work, the company emphasizes mutual respect, understanding and effective communication, Thus creating a work effect of one plus one greater than two in an atmosphere of equality and harmony.